Advantages of packaging materials aluminum foil

- Feb 14, 2020-

As the packaging material, aluminum foil was first used in the field of pharmaceutical packaging, and secondly in the high-end food packaging field. Aluminum foil is capable of packaging tasks in these high-end fields because it has the following advantages:

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First, aluminum foil has high barrier properties. Aluminum foil has high barrier properties to water, water vapor, various gases (including aromatic substances) and light, and the barrier properties are not affected by ambient temperature and humidity. It can be used for airtight fragrance-proof packaging, moisture-proof packaging and other requirements for high barrier properties. Packaging (especially food packaging with high-temperature cooking and sterilization) can prevent moisture absorption, oxidation and volatile deterioration of the contents. Therefore, the aluminum foil can be safely contacted with food, and will not contain or help bacterial growth. In most cases, aluminum foil will not react with food. A considerable number of plastic lunch boxes on the market are produced from raw materials of unknown origin, even fake materials and waste plastics, and it is difficult to guarantee quality and reliability. Disposable plastic tableware, if calcium carbonate, talc, industrial paraffin, and recycled waste are added to the production raw materials, the evaporation residue (n-hexane) of the product is likely to exceed the standard.

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Second, it has good thermal conductivity, heat resistance and low temperature resistance. Aluminum foil can withstand high temperature cooking and other thermal processing, has good thermal conductivity (heat conductivity up to 55%), and does not generate harmful substances after heating; meanwhile, aluminum foil is also suitable for frozen packaging, has good low temperature resistance, and aluminum foil is at high temperature Maintains stable shape and size at low temperatures. Aluminum foil minimizes the time and energy associated with food processing, refrigeration and secondary heating. The thermal stability of aluminum foil allows aluminum foil utensils to withstand temperature changes well during processing and packaging. The molecular structure is stable and stable under high and low temperatures of -20 ° C ~ 250 ° C. Its use temperature can be from rapid freezing to extreme baking and grilling, during which the aluminum foil does not deform, crack, melt or burn, and does not produce harmful substances. Use aluminum foil to separate high-temperature charcoal fire and smoke to avoid carcinogens caused by food scorching. Aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers are ideal for high temperature sterilization and heat sealing. Aluminum foil lunch box containers can be heated in a variety of ways, including various ovens, ovens, anaerobic heating cabinets, steamers, steamers, microwave ovens (must be used in lightwaves and barbecue stalls), and pressure cookers for heating food wrapped in aluminum foil. Relevant enterprises have developed supporting secondary heating equipment and packaging equipment for aluminum foil lunch boxes, which can greatly improve the distribution efficiency of food distribution enterprises and ensure the quality of meals. In contrast, plastic lunch boxes and containers have significantly lower high temperature resistance than aluminum foil products. They will release harmful substances when they are exposed to high temperature food, water, or heated at high temperature, affecting human health.

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Third, it is easy to process and shape, convenient to seal and ensure food hygiene. Aluminum foil has good moldability. During the process of stamping tableware, no cracks and breaks will occur even in the crease and crimping parts. You can choose aluminum foils with different shapes, thicknesses, alloys and heat treatment states to accurately reflect the use of the product. Aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers can use lids made of aluminum foil as well as lids made of paper or other materials. With its easy deformation and wrinkle characteristics, it can achieve a good seal, strong heat preservation and freshness, which can be avoided in Food is scattered or contaminated during the storage and transportation process. For large-scale food delivery companies and central kitchen distribution, automatic capping equipment developed by aluminum foil lunch box manufacturers can be used to improve the distribution efficiency, which is significantly better than other material lunch boxes.

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Fourth, it facilitates efficient recycling. Aluminum has extremely high recyclability and recyclability, which can be recycled for unlimited times, and can maintain its original characteristics. The energy required for the regeneration process of aluminum foil is only less than 5% of the energy required for the production of primary aluminum, and the greenhouse gas emissions are 95% less than that of primary aluminum. The aluminum foil lunch box can be easily compressed after use, and easy to sort, thereby reducing the amount of waste generated. At present, the recycling value of plastic lunch boxes, especially foamed plastic lunch boxes, is low, the recycling rate is not high, and the recycling status is not ideal. A large number of discards cause serious "white pollution", affecting the city appearance and natural landscape. Form "potential harm" to the ecological environment. There are many methods and ways to recycle aluminum packaging materials, and almost any abandoned aluminum-containing packaging will eventually be recycled. The society, the government and the public have reached more and more consensus on recycling, the recycling technology is constantly improving, and the recycling system is constantly being improved.