Air conditioning Aluminum foil

- Jul 11, 2019-

Air conditioning foil is a special material for manufacturing heat exchanger fins for air conditioners.

In order to improve the surface properties of plain foil, the hydrophilic foil is formed by applying anticorrosive inorganic coating and hydrophilic organic coating before forming.

Hydrophilic foil accounts for 50% of the total air conditioning foil, the proportion of its use will be further improved.

In addition, there is a hate water foil, so that the fin surface with hate water function, to prevent condensation water adhesion.

Due to the hydrophobic foil to improve the surface defrosting technology to be further studied, the actual production is very small.

The thickness of air conditioner foil is 0.1mm ~ 0.15mm.

With the development of technology, the air conditioning foil has a trend of further thinning, and the leading product thickness in Japan is 0.09mm.

In the extremely thin state, aluminum foil must have good formability, its structure and performance must be uniform, metallurgical defects, anisotropy is small, and requires high strength, good ductility, uniform thickness, good flatness.

The specification and alloy of air conditioning foil are relatively single, suitable for large-scale production, but its market is seasonal, professional manufacturers of air conditioning foil, it is difficult to solve the peak season demand and low season almost no demand contradiction.