Aluminium foil is only used for cooking? Its usefulness is huge!

- Feb 06, 2020-

Aluminum foil for avoid scorching

In addition to aluminum foil paper to strengthen the heat conduction and speed up food cooking, for uneven thickness of meat, first spread a layer of aluminum foil paper on the baking sheet to conduct heat, and then wrap it to bake it to be more uniformly heated, which will not cause partial burnt, but the meat Thickness is still raw! Others, such as toasted pineapple bread, have uneven and rounded breads, which can be wrapped and baked to prevent them from getting burnt near the heating tube.

container alu foil

Aluminium foil could Accelerating Freezing and Preservation of Food Ingredients

In addition to heat conduction, aluminum foil paper can also accelerate the freezing efficiency. For example, fresh raw meat that has been bought at home is packaged and refrigerated to keep it fresh quickly. The leftover vegetables are wrapped in aluminum foil paper, which is denser than plastic wrap and has a better effect of preventing water loss. , But also prevent the smell of ingredients from contaminating the refrigerator. In addition, cream and cheese are wrapped in aluminum foil paper to prevent oxidation and hardening.

aluminium household foil

When refrigerating soups, some pot lids are too high to fit, and you can use aluminum foil to make your own lids, saving space and keeping fresh!

Preparing time-saving helpers

For example, a potato salad is a large portion of food, which can be packed in aluminum foil and refrigerated, and one can be heated each time you eat it. Toast for breakfast can also be coated with cream the night before and covered with aluminum foil. Refrigerate the paper and make breakfast the next morning.