Aluminum Foil Application/Industry Area

- May 21, 2019-

Aluminum Foil Application/Industry Area


Acting as barrier to light, oxygen, odors, flavors, moistness and germs, this foil will be used in pharmaceutical and food packaging. Used in drinks and dairy goods so the use of refrigeration is limited in use. Use for keeping foods warm and hot in wrapping of various sandwiches, burritos and Tex-mex offerings.


Used widely for thermal insulation, heat exchangers and cable liners. In uses of thermal it provides a reflective barrier. In heat exchangers it provides heat conduction and in wiring and cable it provides a barrier from electrical conductivity.


First to come to mind is barbecuing. Food is wrapped in the foil and placed directly on the grill. This prevents moisture loss and burning of food.

Art & Decoration

Used for art, decoration and crafts where metallic colors are often used. Heavier foils are used in these applications. By anodizing aluminum foil it will force it to take on a different color. This process is used to create an inexpensive gold foil.

Electromagnetic Shielding

Varying the thickness of the foil will change the shielding effectiveness. Used for shielding components from frequencies, this makes a good insulation in the production of electrical wiring and electrical devices.