Aluminum foil can withstand iceberg and fire sea

- Mar 28, 2019-

Packaging in today's world has become an integral part of branding. Due to the modern lifestyle and today's fast-paced life, customers have an increased tendency to facilitate packaging. Aluminum is a metal element available worldwide, and it is preferable to use a barrier material as a packaging material for packaging foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and the like. Aluminum foil  are easily used to make various containers per package requirement. Aluminum foil containers are very corrosion resistant and chemically neutral. Moreover, aluminum is essentially non-toxic. In the food packaging industry, aluminum foil  have many advantages because aluminum foil can withstand temperature changes compared to packaging materials. For example, HTMM GROUP aluminum foil  can enter the dining table from the freezer to the microwave/oven, no matter what the container changes.

Aluminum foil containers are in great demand for the food packaging industry. Depending on the type of product, aluminum foil containers are divided into flexible and rigid containers. Hard containers such as trays, boxes, bowls, etc. have the largest market share in the global aluminum foil container market. For applications, aluminum foil containers are also a requirement in the pharmaceutical industry because aluminum foil is the most preferred barrier material.




1, can go to the "iceberg" (minus 50 degrees), can "fire sea" (up to 121 degrees), can be used for high temperature cooking;


2, good oil resistance and special fragrance performance;


3, excellent barrier performance, strong air barrier, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture-proof;


4. Good heat sealing performance and high softness;


Aluminum foil packaging provides a solution to food waste, ensuring food preservation, so that we can enjoy and taste the original taste. The longer the food preservation period, the less waste it will be; it is not only conveniently integrated into our lives, but also protects our environment and our future.


Aluminum foil - capable, responsible and sustainable.