Aluminum foil for hairdressing

- Aug 09, 2019-

Aluminum foil surface is extremely clean, sanitary, non-toxic, any bacteria or microorganisms can not grow on its surface.So feel free to contact your hair and skin directly.

Aluminum foil at high temperature or low temperature, there will be no oil penetration phenomenon, so in the hair heating process, do not worry about deformation, melting, or grease overflow.

Aluminum foil has small thermal conductivity and fast heat absorption, which makes it better applied in aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil has high hardness and tensile strength, but its tear strength is small, so it is easy to tear, This makes it easier to use in the hairdressing process.

The production process of hairdressing foil is usually similar to household foil,


Temper: O



Surface: One side bright, one side matt.

In the field of hairdressing foil, we have many years experience of producing and exporting.

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HTMM(Henan Tendeli Metalurgical Materials Co., Ltd)specialized in aluminum foil for more than decades, mainly supply 1,3,8 series alloy, Thickness from 0.006-0.2mm,width from 200mm-1700mm high quality aluminum foil. We have the roughing rolling mill, middle rolling mill and finishing rolling mill machine for 1 sets each, Foil doubling machine 1 sets, Vertical/Horizontal foil separator for 2 sets, Annealing furnace for 14 sets .The rolling machine keep the HONEYWELL thickness controlling system and ABB plate controlling system. the products quality can reach the domestic first-class level.