Aluminum foil for Hookah

- Aug 09, 2019-

Most of people started with something of screen. 


It is a screen for a Hookah, it’s relatively thick metal in Comparison to a piece of foil, the holes are very large and quite numerous, and it is of a fixed size; you cannot change the size, there are tabs that can help you to wrap onto the bowl, but one fixed sized is not practical, and because of large holes, the coals might have a tendency to overheat. the tobacco might have a little bit of a tendency to burn and it’s drawing too much air over the coals too quickly, but also drawing in too much fresh air.

Therefore, appears the hookah foil, as the aluminum foil could adapt to any bowl,

Perfectly every time;it seals much better and you have the ability to poke any hole design you want,any size of hole you want,any number of hole you want ,and you’re going to wind up with something that you get to choose the number of holes,the placement of holes,and the size of holes. It’s customizable in every regard,it is a  

Great seal. it’s a much better barrier against burning your tobacco because they contact the tobacco and have direct interaction with the tobacco much less and it allows you to customize the amount of heat that gets through this barrier much more easily simply by adding another layer of foil. you can’t do that with screens.

Tobacco foil usually one side bright, one side matt. the bright side faced down.

Usually thickness is 30mic.

In the field of Hookah foil, we have many years experience of producing and exporting.

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