Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging

- Mar 24, 2020-

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Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging

China began to use aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging in 1985. At that time, the amount of medicinal aluminum foil used was very small, about 150 tons per year. With the improvement of technology and widespread promotion, today, medicinal aluminum foil packaging has accounted for medicine 20% of the packaging, compared with the original, the amount of medicinal aluminum foil has been greatly increased.

The main uses of aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging are: blister packaging of pharmaceutical capsules, tablets, etc., and bag packaging of powder granules and liquids. PTP aluminum foil for packaging liquids and injections, easy-open caps and pharmaceutical packaging. In particular, PTP aluminum foil has the advantages of moisture resistance, safety and hygiene, and easy to carry, and is widely used in the international pharmaceutical industry. Now it has become a new type of pharmaceutical packaging widely used internationally.

HTMM produces and supplies aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging. The thickness is generally 0.02mm-0.025mm. It consists of a protective layer, an ink printing layer, a substrate and an adhesive layer. , Impermeability, heat resistance, moisture resistance, light resistance, high temperature sterilization and other advantages. HTMM has won extensive business cooperation and established a good reputation with its advantages in technology and services. Since its establishment, HTMM has been mainly engaged in the production and sales of various specifications of single and double zero aluminum foil, aluminum foil blanks, various alloyed products and aluminum products, as well as research and development, application and technical consulting services for new products. Chemical, light industry, transportation, energy, home appliances, packaging and decoration and other fields.