aluminum foil for Pharmaceutical use

- Apr 10, 2019-

Pharmaceutical packaging needs to play three roles: safety protection, ease of use, and commercial promotion. In the pharmaceutical industry, since the medicinal foil directly contacts the edible foods at the entrance, the state has strict requirements on the alloy material, surface quality and performance indexes of the medicinal foil.

(1) Aluminium foil is light, non-toxic, odorless, hygienic, beautiful in color, has certain strength and ductility, is resistant to abrasion, and can most effectively protect the packaged object.

(2) Aluminum foil has good moisture resistance, gas barrier, shading, isolation, shielding and taste preservation performance. In the field of modern packaging and decoration, almost all composite flexible packaging materials that require opacity or high barrier are made of aluminum foil as a barrier layer.

(3) When aluminum foil is used as a blister pack, the patient can crush it with a little pressure when taking medicine. It is convenient to take medicine and convenient to carry. It is one of the main packaging trends of today's medicines.

(4) As a kind of packaging material, the medicinal aluminum foil has good printing performance, and can print 1 to 5 colors, and can print various colors of characters or patterns on both the glossy and dark sides of the aluminum foil.

The main production process of HTMM medicinal aluminum foil is: blank inspection - blank rolling - open medium rolling - rolling rolling - rolling finished products - slitting - furnace annealing - finished packaging. In the production process, HTMM's control of surface and performance is very strict, mainly reflecting a few points:

One: First of all, we must control the quality from the source and strictly check the billet.

Two: In the rolling process, the surface quality of the product is controlled by controlling the clarity and roughness of the rolls, selecting the rolling oil, reducing the viscosity of the rolling oil, and controlling the running speed of the machine.

Third: During the product slitting process, ensure that the edge of the aluminum foil roll is neatly cut during the cutting, so as to ensure that there are no quality problems such as ruffles.

Four: In the annealing process, the annealing time and annealing temperature are controlled according to the performance requirements of the foil to ensure clean oil removal.