aluminum foil is very common in our daily life

- Apr 17, 2019-

1: The aluminum foil is very common in our daily life, as we

al know. it is a metall flat tool. which is used in the kitchen

cooking, food containment and some easy cleaned material

each year, thousand of tons of aluminum foil is used to

package the food, cosmetics and chemicals

The aluminum foil is very soft, which can be made into

different shapes. The aluminum foil can be used to warp the

two side of the aluminum foil. Most of the foil is bright and

one side of it is dark. It can be used to warp the bread and

increase the heat conductivity effect. Besides, the aluminum

foil can also be used for decoration. and it is also used in

insulated conductors of heat exchange and electric

conductor, The thickness of the aluminum foil used as

packing paper of food is only 6.5 um. The thin aluminum

foil can hold the favor and resist the water, germ and dirt

There are some common function of the aluminum foil

first, it can be used to contain the food, it is very common to

contain the food with the aluminum foil. Although it is

disposable, it cause little harm to the nature. Second, it can

be used in barbecue, which can keep the fresh favor. Third,

some hire designer use it to warp the hair, and it has a good

heat conductivity performance. Fourth, the foil can be put

into the soup to adsorb the oil on the surface.6-0

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