Aluminum Foil Paper And Tin Foil

- Mar 30, 2019-

The main difference is that aluminum foil has a higher melting point than tin foil and is more suitable for grilling food.

Aluminum foil paper: It is made of metal aluminum or aluminum alloy by rolling equipment. The habit of thickness below 0.025mm is called aluminum foil paper, the thickness of 0.2mm or less is called aluminum foil, and the thickness is more than 0.2mm. The density of aluminum or aluminum foil is 2.70 g/cm3. The temperature of 660 ° C. The boiling point of 2327 ° C, the appearance of silver-white light metal, ductility and malleability. An oxide film that prevents corrosion of metals can be formed in humid air.

Tin foil: It is made of metal tin by rolling equipment. It has excellent ductility and malleability. Therefore, it is quite easy to process tin foil with a thickness of 0.025mm or less, even by hand. The tin density is 5.75g/cm3. The temperature of 231.89 ° C, the boiling point of 2260 ° C. It has excellent ductility and malleability, good corrosion resistance and low melting point. The appearance is silver-white micro-striped blue metal. When tin is heated above 160 ° C, it turns into brittle tin. The chemical properties are relatively stable and do not react with air at normal temperatures.


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