Aluminum foil roll raw material

- Jul 23, 2019-

Aluminum foil can deal with the highest temperatures encountered in cooking, whether in a convection oven or under the hottest grill. Another great advantage when used in the kitchen is the 'deadfold' characteristic of aluminium foil. Once folded around a joint of meat, or crimped onto the top of a casserole or storage pot, the aluminium foil stays folded and does not spring back.


Barbecue cooking
1.easy to clean, lock fresh, enjoy the happy time prevent the loss of food ingredients, pickled tasty
3.pad on the kitchen to avoid direct contact with food
4.prevent food adhension, isolate bacteria, more hygienic and convenient

Baked cakes
1.healthy material, high temperature, heat fast, versatile
2.have better water resistance, can be used for pastry baking when the outer package the oily food when used to block grease easy to clean

Food preservation
1.seal better
2.thaw faster
3.aluminum foil has a good plasticity, can fit the package's used for covering food, better to avoid light and smell 
5.isolated secondary pollution, thermal fast, thawed non-stick