Aluminum foil use Introduction

- Feb 28, 2020-

Aluminum foil use

1.Prevent cakes and breads from being too dark & Aluminum foil use

When baking the cake to the last ten minutes or so, in order to prevent the color from being too dark, you can cover a baking sheet with food-grade aluminum foil larger than the mold area, and then place the baking sheet in the top layer of the oven. Because the aluminum foil paper isolates the direct heat conduction of the heating tube, after covering the food-grade aluminum foil paper, you are not afraid that the cake and bread are too dark, and at the same time, ensure that the cake is baked thoroughly.


2.Water bath method to prevent moisture & Aluminum foil use

When making cheesecake, we will use water bath method to make the cake more moist and taste. The selected molds can be divided into two types, solid bottom mold and live bottom mold. If you use a solid bottom mold, you can directly bake it in a water bath (the disadvantage is that it is not easy to demold); but if you use a live bottom mold, you need to wrap the bottom of the mold with aluminum foil. Prevent the penetration of water during baking, which will cause a "pudding layer" at the bottom of the cake and leakage of batter.

aluminium household foil

3.Wrapped food & Aluminum foil use

Grilled chicken wings and grilled ribs are delicious when grilled, but it is too easy to burn on the charcoal stove and it takes a long time to roast. If the chicken wings and ribs are marinated in advance, mixed with various flavored materials, and wrapped in aluminum foil, they can be baked, because of the heat absorption characteristics of the photosensitive surface of aluminum foil paper and the characteristics of matte surface insulation, it can make food Heat evenly to prevent scorching! After baking, continue to wrap with tin foil, and it can also keep warm! Finally, the tin foil also plays a role in preserving the sauce and preventing it from being lost.

Aluminium food foil

4. Good brush basin at the bottom of aluminum foil & Aluminum foil use

When you use the oven to bake succulent foods such as steaks and chicken wings, a lot of oil will often flow out. If you use a grill to bake, the fat will fall directly into the oven; if you use a baking pan, the full pan will be filled with grease. In either case, it is very inconvenient to clean.

Aluminum foil use