Anticorrosion of aluminum foil

- Dec 29, 2018-

The main cause of corrosion is mainly in the production process and circulation process, the product is damp or in the water. Therefore, the control of corrosive waste production, mainly to prevent aluminum foil contact with water. Anticorrosion measures: 

① strengthen the management of air dryers to ensure that compressed air is free of moisture. 

② the management of rolling oil is strengthened, and its water content is controlled below 400x0.000001.

③ aluminum foil Coil packaging should be sealed packaging, at the same time each roll should be placed in the appropriate amount of desiccant. 

④ Box wood shaft, box board humidity is not more than 18%, packaging aluminum coil temperature is not greater than 45 degrees Celsius. The 

⑤ is transported from the cryogenic zone into areas with high temperatures and humidity do not immediately open the sealed packaging. 

⑥ Workshop, Warehouse roof has leaking rain, snow place, should not place aluminum foil roll. 

⑦ from the low temperature zone to the high temperature area to transport aluminum foil, to strengthen the packaging sealing, if necessary, but also to add desiccant. 

⑧ in the rainy season packaging aluminum foil products, to strengthen the sealing packaging, and add desiccant.