Application of aluminum foil

- Dec 29, 2018-

Preparation of polymeric aluminum chloride with waste aluminum foil

Polymeric aluminum chloride is a commonly used inorganic polymer flocculant. The wide source of raw materials for the production of polymeric aluminium chloride sets the foundation for its development.

In particular, the variety of production processes, for the development of polymeric aluminum chloride to provide a convenient. International and domestic production and application of inorganic polymer flocculants have been of scale, theoretical research has also been in-depth development. The main raw materials are the use of bauxite, aluminum hydroxide, waste molecular sieve catalyst, etc., the preparation methods are mainly wet method, electrolysis method and so on. Some scholars believe that waste aluminum foil has a high economic value of recycling and reuse.

He experimentally studied the optimum conditions for the preparation of polymeric aluminum chloride by using waste aluminum foil and the scope of application of water purification. With the development of industry and the rapid growth of urban population, water pollution is becoming more and more serious, sewage needs to be purified and treated is increasing day by day, and the demand for water purification agent is increasing. Because of the unequal number of hydroxyl groups in polyaluminum chloride molecules, when polyaluminum chloride is added to the turbid source water, it continues to hydrolyze under the ph condition of the source water, along with a series of physical and chemical processes such as condensation, adsorption and precipitation, so as to achieve the goal of purifying water. Waste aluminum foil source is very wide, mainly from cigarettes, food and pharmaceutical packaging, its main component is metal aluminum, with a high recovery and reuse of economic value and social value. Through experimental research, the optimum conditions and scope of application of polymeric aluminum chloride made from waste aluminum foil have certain practical significance in improving resource utilization rate and protecting environment.