Application range of aluminum foil for lamination

- Mar 12, 2020-

flexible packaging aluminium foil

Laminated aluminum foil is widely used in different scenarios. Among them, laminated aluminum foil plays an important role in industrial packaging. The contents of the package are not limited to plastic particle packaging, industrial powder packaging, feed packaging, API packaging, etc., and the manufacturing process of different composite aluminum foils for the contents is also different.

Plastic particle packaging: Plastic particles are very sensitive to the humidity in the environment. Once wet, it will affect the performance of the later period, so we generally adopt aluminum foil bags with the structure of PET / AL / PE, which has a very significant advantage for moisture and moisture.

Industrial powder: Industrial powder not only needs to be moisture-proof and moisture-proof, but also needs to be evacuated, and some need anti-static and other functions. This material can be selected from PET / AL / PE, PET / AL / PA / PE. Both materials are suitable. Of course, if there is a need for anti-static, we need to do anti-static processing in the production process.

Pharmaceutical packaging: Pharmaceutical packaging has certain requirements for the production environment and production qualifications of aluminum foil manufacturers. Aluminum foil suppliers need to have pharmaceutical packaging production qualifications. The commonly used material is PET / AL / PE.

Whether it is food or Pharmaceutical, everyone will use aluminum foil for the selection of stable performance, especially for products with relatively high contents. Although aluminum foil packaging is a common material, the process used for different products is different in technology. It is recommended to choose a professional and experienced manufacturer according to the conten.