Double Zero Aluminum Foil

- Mar 30, 2019-

Cigarette tin foil, boxed milk inner wall, beer label, chocolate and pharmaceutical packaging... These are often used in people's field of vision, and are essential materials that are closely related to people's daily lives.


“Double zero aluminum foil surface is clean and hygienic. It will not cause damage to human health caused by food packaging. It can ensure the taste, nutrition and freshness of food while prolonging the shelf life of food, and the recovery rate is over 90%. Since the implementation of the 'plastic limit order', the demand for double-zero aluminum foil market has increased year by year.” Currently, due to equipment and technical conditions, most domestic enterprises produce medium and low-grade double-zero aluminum foil blanks, and high-grade double-zero aluminum foil blanks still rely on imports. With the continuous attention of consumers to health and the enhancement of environmental awareness, the development of high-end double-zero aluminum foil blanks in China is huge.


Although the "cake" is tempting, it is not easy to eat it. High-grade double-zero aluminum foil blanks have strict requirements on the chemical composition, surface and plate quality of the materials, as well as the internal structure, grain structure and mechanical properties of the materials, and the production is very difficult. “The double zero aluminum foil finished product is quite thin, it is aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.005 mm to 0.0099 mm, while the high-grade double-zero aluminum foil has a thickness of only 0.006 mm to 0.0075 mm, and a fine dust in the air. It may cause quality defects such as eyes and holes in the product."

 Melt purification starts with strict control of four important steps: melt filtration, equipment cleaning, environmental sanitation, and degassing refining to ensure that the melt has no impurities. In view of the high melt temperature of electrolytic aluminum liquid, the complex impurity composition in the melt, the non-metallic slag inclusion, and the high gas content in the melt, the research team used the combination of flux cover protection method, inert gas adsorption method and on-line refining method outside the furnace. The way to purify the melt to ensure the quality of the smelting of the double zero aluminum foil cast billet.


Since the double-zero aluminum foil is widely used in food packaging, the company strictly controls the raw materials, the formulation of the products, the trial production of the products, etc. in strict accordance with the "food-grade" standards, to eliminate the production of heavy metal elements harmful to the human body, and from the ingredients, smelting In the process of casting, rolling, cold rolling, annealing, etc., the training of operators is increased. By optimizing the ratio of cold rolling and rolling oil, adjusting the reduction of cold rolling pass, and setting the injection pressure, the rolling lubrication conditions are continuously improved. Improve product quality.