Fireproof aluminum foil tape

- Apr 12, 2019-

The utility model relates to an adhesive tape, in particular to a fireproof aluminum foil tape. Fireproof aluminum foil tape, comprising a surface coating layered from the outside to the inside, a first aluminum foil layer, a first flame retardant glue layer, a glass fiber layer, a second flame retardant glue layer, a second aluminum foil layer, and a third flame retardant glue layer The release coating and the release film; the first aluminum foil layer and the glass fiber layer are bonded by the first flame retardant glue layer; the glass fiber layer and the second aluminum foil layer are bonded by the second flame retardant glue layer. The fireproof aluminum foil tape disclosed by the utility model has the following beneficial effects: 1. The structure is simple; 2. The flame retardant performance is good.

One: use and characteristics

Flame-retardant aluminum foil cloth tape is made of aluminum foil, glass fiber cloth and silicone release paper. It is made of high-performance coating and strong flame-retardant acrylic adhesive. It is compounded by unique advanced technology. It is especially suitable for the sealing of the air duct system of the heating and cooling air conditioning project, the piercing of the insulation of the thermal insulation veneer, and the repair of the damaged surface of the flame retardant aluminum foil fiberglass cloth.



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