Foil wrappers

- May 20, 2019-

Foil wrappers are one of the oldest applications of aluminum foil, having been used for chocolate since 1911 right up to the present day as well as having been used for butter, cheese and tobacco products for a long time. Many of these products are laminated or coated with paper or plastic respectively and are available as sealed or adhesive wrappers, which are impervious or very nearly so and guarantee the authenticity of the contents

HTMM GROUP  Flexible foil 

Temper: 8011/1235-0

Thickness:0.006-0.007 μm

Width:460-1300 MM

Core ID:76/152 MM

Now adays, aluminum foil packaging is very popular among people. It can be seen everywhere in daily life. Nowadays, milk packaging, candy packaging, mask packaging, Leli packaging, and convenience food packaging all use aluminum foil. Therefore, HTMM GROUP strictly controls product quality and produces food grade aluminum foil. Get food grade certification. 

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