Food Aluminium Foil price

- Feb 20, 2020-

Aluminium foil price

Food Aluminium foil is widely used, and the price of food aluminium foil is also highly concerned by the market. Food foil, also known as container foil, lunch box foil, is mainly used in aviation aluminum foil lunch boxes, aluminum foil barbecue trays, food preservation foils, disposable aluminum foil lunch boxes and paper trays. And so on, play the role of waterproof, fresh-keeping, anti-bacterial, anti-fouling and heat conduction. The following researches and analyzes the price of food foil.

Research and Analysis of Food alu Foil Performance and Price

The price of food foil usually depends on the alloy state, performance and thickness. The alloy states commonly used in China are 8011 / H22, 8011 / H24, 8011 / O, and 3003 / H24. Generally, the price of 3 series aluminum foil is higher than that of 8 series. Aluminum foil prices.

The relationship between the price and performance of food aluminum foil. The performance is mainly the requirements for tensile strength and elongation. With high elongation, stamping is not easy to crack. At the same time, it is required to be free of oil and odor to ensure that it meets the requirements of food packaging.

The correlation between the price and thickness of food foils. Double zero aluminum foil and single zero aluminum foil are commonly used in household foils. The common thickness of double zero aluminum foil is between 0.006-0.01, and the common thickness of single zero aluminum foil is between 0.01-0.2. There are different prices for the thickness. Generally, the thinner the thickness, the higher the price.

Food foils are widely used in the market. They are often used in daily life. Aluminum foil lunch boxes have the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient use, safety and health, no odor, no leakage, and can be recycled. Ideal product for fast food boxes. Prices are close to high-end plastic lunch boxes.