Food Gospel-Food Grade 8011-O Aluminum Foil for Yogurt Lids

- Jan 09, 2020-


In recent years, cupped yogurt has gradually penetrated into people's lives. Therefore, it is important to choose the sealing material for cupped yogurt. Both the protective effect of yogurt and the convenience of consumers in opening the lid must be considered. Therefore, the requirements for yogurt lid materials are very strict. In the flexible packaging industry, 8011-O aluminum foil is widely used, and it is no exception in easy-to-tear covers.

Aluminum foil easy to tear cover is a widely used sealing film packaging product on the market. The aluminum foil for yogurt box cover completely meets the strict requirements of cupped yogurt packaging, is easy to use, has obvious advantages in food packaging, and is a high-quality material for various cup food packaging materials. In the packaging of beverage bottles, glass bottles, yogurt cups and other products, you can see the shadow of aluminum foil that easily tears off the lid. So, what are the advantages of 8011-O aluminum foil for yogurt cover?

1. It has the general characteristics of aluminum foil material, beautiful appearance, good printing performance when combined with other materials, and can play a role in promoting products and increasing brand value.

2. With high barrier properties and good sealing properties, it can perfectly protect yogurt from external pollution, spillage and other adverse conditions.

3. The aluminum foil material is odorless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, clean and sanitary, and has no impact on human health.

4. Good light-shielding properties, yogurt is suitable for preservation from light. The aluminum foil of the yogurt box cover has better taste.

HTMM is a manufacturer of raw materials for the production of aluminum foil for yogurt lids. The yogurt foil lids produced by it have fewer pinholes, good barrier properties and heat-sealing properties, clean products, clean surfaces, food-grade products, and can be cooked at high temperatures. , Is the best choice for aluminum foil covering material. The 8011-O aluminum foil raw materials it produces are not only used for yogurt covers, but also widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging and industrial applications.