Food grade Alu foil for barbecue

- Mar 23, 2020-

Food grade Alu foil

Food grade Alu foil , as a new darling of the packaging industry, often appears in our lives. In addition to packaging, when it comes to alu foil, people should think of barbecue more. But there are still many wonderful uses for alu foil, do you know? Today, HTMM will tell you about the wonderful use of alu foil.

As the barbecue has been mentioned above, let me start with the barbecue. Spread a layer of Food grade Alu foil for a delicious barbecue meal, wouldn't it be beautiful? Do you think this is the amazing use of alu foil I said? No no no, how is it possible that this basic role can be regarded as common sense. And what I want to say is after the barbecue.

Looking at the oil stains, the grilled black grilling net, should I worry about how to clean it up again? After all, the grill is notoriously difficult to clean. It's okay, don't worry, knead the barbecue with the remaining alu foil, and then use this alu foil to wipe the grill. You will find the wiped grill becomes very easy to clean.

Aluminium foil 8011

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