Food grade Aluminium foil paper Manufacturer in China

- Sep 30, 2019-

Aluminum foil  is an important packaging material for food, and aluminum foil is increasingly involved in modern production and life.


Food grade aluminum foil roll. made of 8011 Alloy aluminum foil. silver sliver soft temper . good thermal conductivity. double sided usable. no need to apply oil. shading ingredients can retain the nutrients of the ingredients. making the baked food more fresh and delicious.



Aluminium foil paper Wrapped food grilled / refrigerated: Keep moisture. lock delicious.fresh and healthy.


food grade aluminium foil for food container.

Aluminum foil for making food container is lighter, so it is very lightweight in quality. In terms of security, it can also be reassuring. After use, this aluminum foil lunch box can also be recycled. It is also very convenient when recycling. At the next use, it will not be harmful to food and will not contaminate renewable resources.