Food grade aluminum foil packaging manufacturer

- Mar 30, 2020-

For the first time, aluminum foil has truly achieved long-term protection of food safety and quality, bringing consumers an unprecedented fresh experience. It has outstanding properties such as high barrier properties, moisture resistance, freshness preservation, shading, corrosion resistance, non-toxicity and tastelessness, and recyclability. "Wrapping food with food-grade aluminum foil can make foods fresh and safe, extend their shelf life, and contribute to the sustainability of packaged products."

Food grade aluminum foil packaging manufacturer

In recent years, with China's economic transformation and structural adjustment, the upgrade of green consumption and changes in people's lifestyles have also brought new opportunities to food-grade aluminum foil packaging, and the market share is accelerating. "From the perspective of the future development trend of the food packaging industry, high-end products, such as tea, can choose aluminum foil as packaging, because aluminum foil's strong superiority in barrier properties is an important choice for green food. At present, many tea packaging has been Began to switch from the original packaging of paper, plastic and other materials to safe, environmentally friendly, high-end aluminum foil packaging. The changes in packaging materials not only reflected the improvement of living standards, but also reflected the people's longing for a better future life.

food grade aluminium foil

Since its establishment, As a food grade aluminum foil packaging manufacturer, HTMM has been focusing on the deep processing of light metals such as aluminum, R & D innovation and recycling of light metals such as aluminum for more than ten years, and has actively contributed to the upgrading and quality improvement of food packaging. As an aluminum foil R & D and production base, HTMM produces high-end aluminum foils that are widely used in the food industry. The products are sold at home and abroad, and have been well received by customers.

In the future, HTMM will continue to promote more applications of aluminum foil packaging, achieving less resource consumption, less environmental impact, and higher packaging efficiency.