Household Aluminum Foil Use, Classification And Alloy

- Mar 30, 2019-

Now, when you are in the supermarket, you will find an aluminum product - household aluminum foil. This household multi-purpose aluminum foil is a thin, soft aluminum foil with a cling film.

Since the aluminum foil has the functions of being non-toxic and tasteless and capable of keeping warm and fresh, it can be used in steaming and frying cooking. Most of the aluminum foils sold by supermarkets are aluminum foil papers for small rolls of households, and the aluminum foil raw materials used for these finished aluminum foil papers are generally made of 1235-O state aluminum foil and 8011-O state aluminum foil, which are continuously cast, rolled and hot. After rolling, slitting and thorough annealing, according to the user's required length and small volume, the subsequent composite processing is processed into secondary processing.


          Household aluminum foil substrate-8011 aluminum foil

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