Performance and use of tin foil

- Dec 29, 2018-

Tin foil is mainly used in medicine, chemical industry, light industry, food, art supplies and handicraft production and other fields, such as advanced dry capacitors, decoration, decoration materials, microwave insulation layer, food and alcohol packaging, religion, ancestral activities for the Buddha, as well as the use of tin foil flexibility, anti-extrusion, anti-corrosion, waterproof characteristics, used in flame retardants,

Packaging drum lining for floor glue, synthetic paint and other organic chemical raw materials, etc., is also used in special welding processes as pre-forming parts. In the military industry is also very widely used, such as the United States M26 type grenade on the fire cap of the sealing washer, is made of tin foil, its sealing performance is excellent. But tin foil production is very hard, there are 14 processes, all by manual operation, the need for 4 kg heavy hammer repeated banging, and then through the stale paper, calender paper, and so on, a total of more than 20 days to make "thin as cicada" tin foil products, quite time-consuming and labor-intensive.

And tin foil contains lead, long contact will cause lead poisoning in the operator. With the rapid development of national economy, the use and dosage of tinfoil are also growing rapidly. However, at present, the production of tin foil in China mainly depends on manual tapping, the product amplitude is narrow, the thin is uneven, the strength is not good, can not meet the needs of customers, high quality, excellent performance of tin foil mainly rely on imports.