Printed coated aluminum foil

- Jan 07, 2020-


The printing / coating of aluminum foil as a substrate is called aluminum foil printing. Printing can create new binding designs for aluminum foil, which will stimulate consumers' desire to buy and increase the value of product sales. Printing aluminum foil is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetic packaging and other decorative materials.

Aluminum foil, unlike ordinary printing paper, has non-absorbable properties. It has poor affinity for printing inks and cannot achieve normal ink transfer, so it must be surface treated. The surface treatment before printing of aluminum foil is mainly pre-coating. In addition to improving the ink's transfer ability, the pre-coating also has the ability to improve corrosion resistance. According to requirements, the pre-coating before aluminum foil printing can be similar to the aluminum foil coloring process, or the aluminum foil coating process can be used. Aluminum foil printing products are mainly used for flexible packaging materials.

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