What is aluminium foil

- Apr 26, 2019-

Aluminium foil is used in a wide variety of applications because of its unique combination of properties. For years, aluminium foil has been contributing to human comfort and health. Strong and resistant for various applications in construction or transportation, easy to sterilize for medical uses, aluminium foil remains mainly the best packaging for food products. Aluminium's excellent barrier properties give it a great advantage over many other flexible and rigid materials. A very thin layer of aluminium foil - only 6.35 microns in some cases-can render a packaging laminate completely light-proof and liquid-tight.There are many different applications, each making slightly different demands which are met by aluminium foil in the form of flexible packaging.

Aluminium's essential properties can be seen below:

·         Heat conductivity

·         Strength

·         Hygiene

·         Impermeability

·         Deadfold - it stays wrapped around food items without needing further sealing

·         Non-toxicity and corrosion resistance.

HTMM 's household aluminium foil is the best protection available. Of all food wraps, it forms the strongest barrier against heat, moisture, air and light. And our Household Alumimium Foils have fine quality and have passed  European Union  REACH inspection.