Which side of the aluminum foil is more suitable for packaging food?

- Mar 28, 2019-

1. Because aluminum has good thermal conductivity, aluminum foil is commonly used in the packaging of food;


2, the finished aluminum foil processed with aluminum coil, commonly used in the food industry, professionally used in the kitchen to cook, contain the outer packaging of food, such as tin foil;


3, aluminum foil paper is bright on one side, and the other side is gray and dumb. Under normal circumstances, aluminum foil for food can be wrapped on both sides of the food, HTMM GROUP recommends that in order to improve the heat transfer effect, it is recommended to use a glossy surface to wrap;

4, aluminum foil packaging food made of aluminum coil, can be safely eaten, generally heatable, storage-resistant.


Aluminum foil is a non-toxic and non-polluting packaging material. Its surface is very clean and hygienic. It has the functions of waterproofing, maintaining umami taste, anti-bacteria and anti-fouling. It can be in direct contact with food without any worry that may endanger human health. This can be used with confidence.