1235 Aluminium Foil For Aseptic Packaging

- Nov 21, 2019-

Aseptic packaging as an industry or field It includes packaging process technology, packaging materials and packaging containers, packaging auxiliary equipment and packaging machinery and equipment, packaging auxiliary materials and packaging research, education and other systems engineering, including aseptic packaging in materials For the selection of materials, the most common is the food packaging foil. Taking the aluminum alloy of 1235 aluminum foil as an example, the product is safe, hygienic and corrosion resistant, and is a good choice for use as a basic material for aseptic packaging.


Advantages of1235 Aluminium foil for aseptic packaging:

The main advantages of food packaging foil for aseptic packaging are that it can keep fresh at room temperature for a long time without deterioration, discoloration and odor. It also has low energy consumption, less packaging materials, low manufacturing cost, high packaging efficiency and economic benefits. Good and light quality for long-distance transportation, as well as waste packaging for recycling and recycling.


Aseptic packaging made with 1235 Aluminium foil:

Aseptic packaging made with food packaging foil is sterilized and filled and sealed in a sterile environment, which is used more and more widely, from packaging liquids to fluids, semi-fluids and pastes; from general juice to milk , tea, vegetable juice, soup, wine, water, liquid medicine, etc.


1235 Aluminium foil is food grade quality :

The emergence of food packaging Aluminium foil has changed the past types and styles of aseptic packaging. Whether it is homemade or plastic, the aseptic effect is not as good as food packaging foil, and it will cause a certain amount of waste of resources and environmental pollution. Food packaging foil is a food grade package with good sterilization effect.


The main purpose and significance of aseptic packaging is to ensure that the packaged product can be safe and hygienic without the addition of preservatives.


Strictly speaking, aseptic packaging for  milk is not aluminium packaging but a drinks carton – a laminate of paper, 1235 aluminium foil and polyethylene to be precise. The pack material is immersed in a warm bath of hydrogen peroxide to sterilise it. It is subsequently shaped into a so- called Brik-Pack, filled and sealed. Of the around 28 grams of packaging used for a litre carton of UHT milk, the one and a half grams of aluminium foil provides the barrier layer against external influences and helps ensure that the milk can be kept for several months without refriger- ation.