1235 Aluminum Foil For Packaging

- Sep 22, 2020-

More than 90% of the food sold is packaged. Packaging can not only protect food from spoilage and contamination, but also can often choose packaging to improve the appearance, so as to attract more target people to eat the product.

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HTMM provides high quality 1235 aluminum foil for packaging, which is used in a variety of food packaging applications. Whether it's foil, tape or crumbs, you will find everything you need.


1235 aluminum foil for packaging

1235 aluminum foil packaging is lightweight, flexible and easy to recycle. In addition, it is hygienic, non-toxic and helps maintain the aroma of food. It can keep food fresh for a long time and provide protection from light, ultraviolet rays, oils and grease, water vapor, oxygen and microorganisms.

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1235 aluminum foil for packaging

1235 aluminum foil for packaging usually sells better. In many cases, customers will choose a specific product because they are very interested in packaging design. Therefore, the 1235 aluminum foil printed with colorful patterns can attract customers' attention even more. Packaging is a combination of product protection and advertising.

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