3003 Aluminum Foil For Container

- Nov 14, 2019-

AL 3003 is an alloy with very good corrosion resistance and moderate strength. It is not heat treatable and develops strengthening from cold working only. Main tempers for aluminum foil 3003 includes H 18, H22, H24 and other tempers upon request. This alloy provides a better heating and cooling environment so that widely used in household applications. HTMM Aluminium is a leading aluminum manufacturer mainly in business of 3003 household foil, container foil, packaging foil as well as electronic foil since 2009.

Aluminum container foil


3003 Aluminum foil for container can be used for cooking at high temperature, so it is suitable for making lunch box, food container, etc.



1.3003 Aluminum foil surface clean, flat, good shape, not allowed to have corrosion, slit and other effects of the use of defects. Allows the presence of slight marks, waves, wrinkles, and impressions that do not affect the use.


2.Annealed aluminum foil, the surface should be no oil spots, to meet customer requirements.


3.3003 Aluminum foil surface are not allowed to have a pinhole.


4.3003 Aluminum foil end should be tight, roll, no crack, serious burrs, there is no slip layer phenomenon and sag and the dirt, but slight burrs are allowed. The wrong layer is not greater than 1.0MM, the tower is not more than 3.0MM.


5.Aluminum foil breakage with high temperature adhesive tape and make a clear identification; The length of the connection to the outer diameter of the die should be greater than 500M; The number of aluminum foil roll with the joint does not exceed 20% of the total Aluminum foil roll.