6G Packaging Materials- Aluminium Foil Packaging

- Mar 31, 2020-

6G Packaging materials- Aluminium Foil packaging

Aluminum foil packaging has been widely used in various fields due to its unique metal characteristics. For years, aluminum foil has played an irreplaceable role in human health and comfort. Aluminum foil is strong and has good resistance, so it is widely used in construction, transportation and other fields. Because aluminum foil is easy to sterilize, it can also be used for medical supplies and food packaging. The excellent protection performance of aluminum foil is its biggest advantage over other metals with the same flexibility and hardness.


Taking casual snacks as an example, as a packaging food that is ready to eat out of the staple food, in recent years, it has evolved towards the "fourth meal". It covers a wide range of categories, mainly: roasted nuts, biscuits, sweets Candied fruit, dairy products, dried beans, puffed food, fish food, meat food, beverages and tea, desserts, etc. In order to continuously meet consumers' needs for various types of food health, safety, and freshness, upgrading the packaging is a vital means.


In developing countries, 30% of food is wasted due to spoilage due to lack of effective packaging. Food damage due to improper packaging is 10 times more wasteful than the production of appropriate packaging.


As the 6G packaging material, aluminum foil packaging has for the first time truly realized long-term protection of food safety and quality, bringing consumers an unprecedented fresh experience. It has outstanding properties such as high barrier properties, moisture resistance, freshness preservation, shading, corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, tastelessness, and recyclability. The aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.006mm, although thin, can completely block foreign elements that affect the quality of the package , Including oxidation, light, moisture, microorganisms, etc., effectively maintain the original taste and characteristics of the product.


Packaging food, beverages, medicines, and daily chemicals with aluminum foil can make these products fresh and safe, extend their shelf life, and also help the sustainability of packaged products.