8011 Aluminum Foil For Chocolate Packaging Foil

- Nov 13, 2019-

In our traditional perception, chocolate is usually wrapped in silver foil paper, but now it is replaced by aluminum foil. Because most of the aluminum foil papers nowadays are manufactured using vacuum coating technology, they are low in cost and stable in chemical properties. Most of the silver foil paper is made by mechanical calendering, which is relatively expensive and far less widely used than aluminum foil. In addition, when packaging chocolate with aluminum foil, it can seal, protect against moisture, protect from light and heat insulation.


We all know that chocolate is best to open a bag of ready-to-eat, if it is to be preserved, it is better 12 degrees 18 degrees, avoid light, water and odour. When the temperature reaches 20 degrees, chocolate cocoa butter melts and seperates, and freezing again condenses white frost-like substances on the surface, both unattractive and affecting taste. So chocolate is best wrapped in aluminum foil and usually stored in the freezer.


8011 aluminum foilproduced in HTMM is mainly used for chocolate packaging . Machinable range thickness: 0.006mm-0.2mm, width: 200mm-1600mm, can be customized according to customer needs.


HTMM can produce food grade aluminum foil for chocolate packaging . the quality certified by SGS, FDA, ISO. With more than 10 years of export experience, you don't have to worry about any problems after confirming the order, HTMM will arrange all problems of production and delivery.