A Little Knowledge Of Aluminum Foil In Life

- Nov 01, 2019-

The aluminum material of aluminum foil paper is widely used in life because of its light weight, good ductility and low price. The aluminum foil paper is a kitchen standing product. The aluminum foil paper has a bright surface and a matte surface. The matte surface absorbs heat and needs to be oriented toward the heat source. At the same time, the bright surface reflects the heat energy, and the ingredients are cooked in the bright side, so that the ingredients can be cooked quickly.


Wrapped ingredients


Round ingredients such as pineapple bread, small meal bags, etc. If you directly take it into the oven for baking, it is easy to have the outer skin coke and the inner stuffing is not heated. You can use the aluminum foil paper to wrap the ingredients inward and then bake, so that the ingredients can be evenly inside and outside. Heated.

Principle: The heat source of the oven is transferred to the aluminum foil paper and then to the food, so that the food and the aluminum foil close the interlayer to generate water vapor and hot air, and the food can be evenly heated.


Grinding plate


After the ginger and garlic are ground into a mud on the grinding plate, the residue is always stuck in the small hole of the grinding plate, which is troublesome to clean and easy to cut. The smooth surface of the aluminum foil paper is smooth, and the aluminum foil paper is placed on the polishing plate and pressed to grind the mud. The food is not stuck, and the aluminum foil paper can be reused.

Principle: The aluminum foil paper is well shaped and placed on the grinding plate to flatten it. The raised portion of the grinding plate will make the aluminum foil paper sharp and angular, which is convenient for grinding.


Cream preservation


The unsealed cream can be wrapped in aluminum foil and then stored in the refrigerator. The fresh-keeping effect is better than the cling film. Because it is not heated, the cream can be wrapped inward with the glossy side or the matte side.

Principle: Aluminum foil paper has better barrier properties than cling film, which can isolate most air, moisture and light, and can extend the shelf life.


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