Advantages Of Medicinal Aluminum Foil

- Dec 29, 2018-

Drug packaging needs to play a role in three aspects, namely, safety protection, ease of use and commercial publicity role.

In the pharmaceutical industry, due to the direct contact of medicinal foil with imported edible drugs, the state of the alloy material, surface quality and performance indicators of the drug foil requirements are very strict.

(1) aluminum foil light, non-toxic, tasteless, hygienic, beautiful color, with a certain strength and ductility, wear resistance, can most effectively protect the packaging.

(2) aluminum foil has a good moisture-proof, gas resistance, shading, isolation, shielding and taste performance, in the field of modern packaging and decoration, almost all the need for opaque or high barrier composite flexible packaging materials are using aluminum foil as a barrier layer.

(3) When aluminum foil is used as bubble cover packaging, patients take medicine with a little pressure can be crushed, convenient to take medicine, easy to carry, is one of the main packaging trends of drugs today.

(4) As a packaging material, medicinal aluminum foil printing performance is good, can be printed 1~5 color, in the surface of aluminum foil and dark surface can be printed in a variety of colors of text or patterns.

(5) aluminum foil can be degraded, recyclable, is a green packaging materials.

(6) Aluminum metal has a highly dense metal crystal structure, aluminum foil pressure is easy to calendering processing, low price, good economy. 

(7) Aluminum ore resources are abundant.