Aluminium Foil Company In China

- Jul 18, 2019-

HTMM GROUP is a famous aluminum foil manufacturer in China, we have strong factory strength and is close to the production area of bauxite. The aluminium foil products are not only reliable in quality, but also have obvious price advantages. Our aluminium foil products are complete in range, from 1000 series of 1235 aluminum foil, 1060 aluminum foil to 8000 series 8011 aluminum foil, 8021 aluminum foil, 8079 aluminium foil etc., can cover all aluminum foil products.

As a professional aluminium foil company in China, HTMM GROUP has strict control on the processing line.

First, HTMM GROUP control the quality from the source and strictly test the aluminum blanks;

Second, in the rolling process, through the cleaning of the rolls and the control of roughness, the selection of rolling oil, reduce the viscosity of rolling oil and control the speed of the machine to control the surface quality;

Third, in the process of slitting, it is necessary to ensure that the edge of the aluminum foil is neatly trimmed during slitting, and that quality problems such as ruffles cannot occur;

Fourth, in the annealing process, according to the performance requirements of the aluminium foil to control the annealing time and annealing temperature to ensure clean oil.