Aluminium Foil For Lamination

- Nov 06, 2019-

For people in different fields, the application of ialuminum foil bags is different, just like those who work in the chemical industry can always see the products of chemical aluminum foil packaging; the people in the pharmaceutical industry can always see the products of medicinal aluminum foil packagng. . This also shows that aluminum foil packaging is widely used in the market.

Various kinds of products such as circuit boards, electronic products, precision machinery parts, etc. in the market, or aluminum consumer packaging such as general consumer goods and cosmetics; the demand for aluminum foil bags in the food industry can be said to be large, such as rice, Packing of daily necessities such as condiments, or packaging of aquatic products such as dried fish, and packaging of cooked food such as raw meat products, roast chicken and roast duck, all kinds of food products can be packaged in aluminum foil bags.

Compared with general packaging, how can aluminum foil bags stand in such a large number of markets that they are not eliminated? Its own superior advantages can not be ignored, aluminum foil heat sealing performance, softness, barrier properties, etc. have more advantages, can protect the product from being affected and destroyed by many external factors. Through its high barrier property, aluminum foil can prevent oxygen, water vapor, moisture, etc. in the air from penetrating into the package, and avoid oxidation, moisture absorption and the like of the packaged product. Not only that, the functionality of aluminum foil is also outstanding. Through the adjustment of packaging materials, it can achieve high temperature cooking, low temperature freezing, oil resistance, scent preservation and so on.

A further advantage of aluminum foil is its good printability. The aluminum foil bags that we can see in life generally have beautiful prints, which can attract consumers' attention and enhance the brand value of the products.