Aluminium Foil Near Me

- Nov 14, 2019-

In daily life, the close relationship between food packaging and food has long been known. Whether it is shopping malls, supermarkets or every family, everywhere can be seen beautifully designed, practical and convenient food packaging. Food packaging foil It not only protects food against foreign pollution or damage to food, but also facilitates the storage, transportation and sale of food. In most cases, the unique appearance of food packaging is also to attract the attention of consumers, causing consumers to buy desire.


Food packaging has become an integral part of food in modern society. 8011-O aluminum foil is a kind of material for food packaging. The  8011 aluminum foil produced by HTMM is clean and has no color and no pattern. It has no pinhole. It has excellent moisture resistance, shading and high barrier ability , The use of food packaging to better protect the food from damage, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and hygienic, packaged food can be assured use.


alu foil near me


Most households are used to having alu foil in the home. It has become an essential part of modern household convenience – for cooking, restaurants, canteens, schools and hospitals –  Alu foil is a tool with many functions.


8011 aluminum foil, very soft, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and hygienic, clean surface, uniform color, very suitable packaging material,8011 aluminum foil reaches brush A grade, excellent moisture resistance and high blocking ability of shading, increasing food storage time.