Aluminium Foil News

- Jul 18, 2019-

Industrial aluminum foil has strong anti-corrosion, good compatibility with food, medicine and cosmetics. It has excellent formability, complete disassembly; non-absorbability, strong protection against water and various liquids, strong anti-grease, clean and hygienic, it can be made into sterile material after heat treatment in the production process, it has good consumables, is not affected by hot gas and moisture during the disinfection process. Industrial aluminum foil is non-toxic, stable in nature, and most foods, drugs, cosmetics, chemicals products and industrial products will not react and produce harmful compounds. It is odorless, will not bring the packaged products with a sensible smell. Light blocking, aluminum foil is a light-tight solid material, the sealing performance makes aluminium foil can be completely folded or attached to a variety of composite materials. Small magnetic can provide excellent electrical and non-magnetic shielding; no spark, aluminum foil is the preferred metal material for contact with volatile flammable compounds. The industrial aluminum foil rolls is a versatile packaging material can be used to package almost all foods, beverages and other various materials and workpieces.