ALUMINIUM FOIL USED Flexible Packaging For Processed Cheese

- Apr 11, 2019-

ALUMINIUM FOIL USED Flexible Packaging for Processed Cheese

HTMM GROUP  produces  aluminium foil to be used in the of food packaging. Aluminium is the best material to produce foil for processed cheese packaging, from 0.006MM TO 0.03MM

Aluminium barrier effect represents a guarantee of protection against light, moisture and environmental contamination, extending the product’s shelf life. More than this, aluminium foil produced by HTMM GROUP  has an excellent corrosion resistance, higher than the average market material.

The chance of dividing the products in portions and to preserve them even after the opening of the package and a partial consumption, allows to reduce food waste, with remarkable economic and environmental advantages. The use of heat sealing lacquer ensures perfect bond of the flexible packaging and complete protection of edibles.

HTMM GROUP  supplies aluminium foil, to manufacture shells and lids for cheese packaging, suitable for any packaging machine. Please, contact us for any information about aluminium foil supplied by HTMM GROUP  for food packaging.



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