Aluminium Foil VS Tin Foil

- Nov 01, 2019-

The main component of tin foil paper is tin, aluminum, which is an alloy of tin-aluminum; its electrical and thermal conductivity is very good. Then, please follow the footsteps of our to learn about the unique role of tin foil.

The Aluminium foil:

1. When the battery is wrong, maybe there is no suitable battery in the house, just use the aluminum foil to wrap the positive end of it!

2. A group of aluminum foil paper can wipe the stain on the baking net.

3. Place the aluminum foil paper container on the iron plate, then participate in the proper amount of cold water and salt. Put the metal tableware into the water to help the tableware be clean from start to finish!

4. Make the foil paper into a circular arc shape to match the signal to the desired area and make the WI-FI signal stronger.

5. Winter is advantageous to place aluminum foil between the wall and the heating to prevent hot air from escaping from the wall.

6. When moving heavy furniture, place the foil on the bottom (not on the side) and move more easily.

7. With aluminum foil and water, you can wipe off the rust of the metal.

8. Place the aluminum foil between your clothes and the ironing board so that you can iron your clothes at once!

9. Squeeze the aluminum foil into a mass, and put it into the dryer during the drying of the clothes, so as to prevent the clothes from static electricity.

10. Wrap the aluminum foil around the bag and seal it with an iron.

11. Aluminium foil paper modification is the best funnel.

12. Cut the aluminum foil with scissors to make the blunt scissors profit.

13. When you paint, you can use the aluminum foil to protect the local package and you won't get it.

14. Wrap the banana head with aluminum foil to effectively extend the shelf life.

15. Place the washed steel wool on the aluminum foil to dry it, perhaps wrapped in aluminum foil for cryopreservation, to prevent the steel wool from rusting.