Aluminum Analysis

- Aug 09, 2019-

Monthly comprehensive analysis of recycled aluminum industry in July 2019


In July, the domestic spot aluminum price showed an overall upward trend. As of the end of this month, the spot aluminum price was 13,910 yuan / ton, an increase of 100 yuan / ton from the end of last month. The price of aluminum this month fluctuated between 13600-13960 yuan / ton. The monthly average price of domestic spot aluminum was 13805 yuan/ton, down 169 yuan/ton from the previous month, a decrease of 1.21%, down 205 yuan/ton from the same period of last year, a decrease of 1.46%. The price of the same period last year was 14010 yuan/ton. . The main factors that favored aluminum prices this month were: First, the spot inventory of aluminum period continued to maintain a sustained downward trend. The inventory situation was better everywhere, and the increase in aluminum prices was more favorable. Second, the spot market was trading. Driven by large households, maintain a good momentum of trading; Third, the futures end continued to exert force, driving the aluminum price to continue to rise; Fourth, the domestic infrastructure construction began to force in the second half, UHV transmission line construction, etc. began to enter The concentrated delivery period has driven the growth of aluminum consumption to a certain extent, and has produced a good boost to aluminum prices. Overall, spot aluminum prices have risen slightly this month, and poor terminal demand has made it difficult to make a big difference in spot prices.