Aluminum Foil And Tin Foil Paper

- Oct 26, 2019-

Aluminum foil paper is generally brushed on paper, which is relatively hard and smooth.

Tinfoil paper can be layered independently, relatively soft and rough

As an industrial auxiliary raw material, aluminum foil paper is mainly used in packaging protection, daily necessities, construction and so on.

Aluminum foil paper is used in a wide range of applications, such as aerospace food packaging, general meat packaging, and cigarette packaging.

Aluminum foil paper is quite remarkable in construction application. It is more convenient, clean and especially beautiful when it is pasted on the surface of the insulation material to reach a new height. But the effect of different kinds of aluminum foil paper is very different, such as fireproof and ordinary is not a grade.

The foil insulation is very good!

In the summer, if the reflective material covered with a layer of aluminum foil on the roof can basically solve the problem of direct sunlight of 60%. The rest is to consider that this layer of metal reflective film itself will become very hot, and the heat will continue to be transmitted to the floor.

If this reflective film is erected, it is good to keep a 150~200mm air circulation layer between the film and the floor.

The aluminum foil has a good finish and heat reflection. With the protection of the aluminum foil paper, the taste of the cigarette will not be stimulated by the outside world. More importantly, it will not be tainted by the air and the environment, in the cigarette. The tobacco does not deteriorate, making them have a longer shelf life! There are also insulation and aesthetic factors inside. Therefore, there is a layer of platinum paper inside the cigarette box.

Aluminum foil paper can also be used for grilling. Wrapped in the outer layer of food, cooked quickly and rich in flavor, not easy to get cold. There is usually a layer of foil on the outside of the roast leg of the restaurant.