Aluminum Foil Characteristics

- Nov 01, 2019-

Aluminium foil raw material aluminum, which is light in weight, good in ductility and inexpensive, is widely used in life, and is used for food cooking, refrigeration, packaging, storage, etc., because it is easy to handle and recycle. The aluminum foil paper is a kitchen standing product. The aluminum foil paper has a bright surface and a matt surface. The matt surface absorbs heat and needs to be directed toward the heat source. The bright surface can reflect the heat energy, and the bright surface can be wrapped in the food to make the ingredients fast. Cooked.

1. High temperature resistance, does not affect food characteristics, preserve food nutrients

2. Wrapped food does not require further sealing

3. Does not affect the taste and smell of food

4. High temperature production, no bacterial growth

5. Grease, oil, water, and other liquids do not absorb

6. Easy to recycle for the environment

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