Aluminum Foil Container Raw Materials

- Nov 12, 2019-

According to the introduction of aluminum foil container manufacturer, compared with the qualified plastic container , the price of the aluminum foil container can be about 25% cheaper. Because of the particularity of the production process, the recovered aluminum foil container can no longer be used as a new aluminum foil lunch box making material, compared with the plastic lunch box with high material reuse rate, it is absolutely safe and healthy. At the same time, aluminum foil lunch box recycling can also be used in other aluminum products, will never become waste, maximum energy conservation, green environmental protection.



The misunderstanding of consumers about aluminum foil container has greatly hindered their promotion in the domestic market. Most consumers still believe that aluminum foil is tin foil and contains heavy metals; others believe that the use of aluminum foil lunch box containers will lead to "aluminum poisoning." In fact, aluminum foil has high conductivity and thermal stability. During processing and packaging, the aluminum foil container can withstand temperature changes and does not produce harmful substances.


HTMM supplies container aluminum foil for a long time, the thickness is generally between 0.03mm~0.20mm, can be divided into wrinkle and no wrinkle. Generally use 3003, 8011 8006 alloy aluminum foil, temper : H18  H22  H24 . with outstanding barrier performance, in the premise of sufficient thickness of aluminum foil, basically can completely block gas and moisture. Therefore, in the plastic flexible packaging material, the aluminum foil is used as a commonly used barrier material, and the aluminum foil has a series of advantages such as light weight, airtightness and good covering property. The aluminum foil container is hygienic and beautiful, and can also be insulated to a heat preservation.