Aluminum Foil - Environmentally Friendly And Recyclable

- Oct 25, 2019-

aluminum foil

The composition of the aluminum foil lunch box is aluminum. The recycling rate of aluminum is high, and the recycling of aluminum can reach 25 times. It meets the national food hygiene standards, is convenient to recycle, and does not produce harmful substances during the treatment.

Compared to the geological changes caused by “white pollution”, the aluminum lunch box can be weathered in the soil for two to three years, and will not cause continuous damage to the land and changes in implantability.

From this point of view, replacing the "white box - plastic lunch box" with "silver box - aluminum foil lunch box" is a priority for environmental protection.


Aluminum foil is highly ductile and has a larger surface area

Aluminum foil has a physical property, ductility. Compared to other metals, aluminum with the same quality can process a larger surface area and pack more.

The benefits of aluminum foil are many. Consumers and food companies should be aware of the value of aluminum foil lunch boxes. The consumption upgrade of food and beverage has been mentioned repeatedly. Besides the environment, color value and pattern, the food safety and food quality consumption upgrade should be Pay attention to it.