Aluminum Foil For Air Conditioner

- Nov 14, 2019-

Aluminum foil for air conditioner is a special material for the manufacture of heat exchangers for air conditioners. Early use of air conditioning foil is plain foil. In order to improve the surface properties of the foil, it is coated with a preservative inorganic coating and a hydrophilic organic coating before forming to form a hydrophilic foil. The current hydrophilic foil accounted for 50% of the total amount of air conditioning foil, the use of the proportion will be further improved. There is also a hydrophobic foil, so that the surface of the fins have a hydrophobic function, to prevent the condensate attached. As the hydrophobic foil to improve the surface defrosting technology to be further studied, the current actual production is very small.

Aluminium foil grade


The thickness of aluminum foil for air conditioner is 0.1mm ~ 0.15mm. With the development of technology, aluminum foil for air conditioner has further thinning trend, Japan is now the leading product thickness of 0.09mm. In the very thin state, aluminum foil to have a good formability, its organization and performance must be uniform, less metallurgical defects, anisotropy is small, while requiring high strength, good ductility, uniform thickness, flatness is good. Aluminum foil for air conditioner specifications and alloy is relatively simple, suitable for large-scale production, but its seasonal market is strong, for air conditioning foil professional manufacturer, it is difficult to solve the peak season and the off-season almost no demand contradiction.


Due to the strong market demand, in recent years, China's air-conditioning foil production capacity and technological level continues to improve, has been formed medium and small, high and low production of air-conditioning foil business groups. As the domestic production capacity surplus, the market competition is fierce.