Aluminum Foil For Pharmaceutical Packaging

- Nov 21, 2019-

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil is mainly used for the packaging of medicines, which can protect the quality of the medicine, make the medicine difficult to be oxidized and deteriorate, and improve the stability of the medicine.Pharma Aluminium foil


The quality requirements of the Pharmaceutical aluminum foil are very strict, and the surface appearance must be kept clean and the coating uniform. In the above text, the pattern must be printed correctly, clearly and firmly, and there must be no dense, continuous pinholes. In different batches of medical aluminum foil, the color difference can not be too obvious, otherwise it will be considered as an inappropriate product.


The status quo ofPharmaceutical aluminum foil printing ink materials At present, there are many kinds of printing inks in the market, and the brands are different. However, considering the printing process of medicinal aluminum foil and the special requirements of pharmaceutical packaging, the printing ink must have good adhesion to aluminum foil. The printed text pattern is firm and clear, the solvent release is fast, the heat resistance is good, the friction resistance is excellent, the gloss is good, the pigment is non-toxic, the medicine is not contaminated due to the migration of chemical components in the ink, and the practical viscosity should conform to the aluminum foil printing. Process requirements and other characteristics.


Because polyamide resin has good adhesion to various types of printing materials, it is especially suitable for printing polyolefin film, with good dispersibility, good gloss, softness, good abrasion resistance, solvent release and good printing performance. The most used is a gravure printing ink for surface printing of aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging and the like which are processed. Because of its wide application, anti-blocking and easy drying, this ink is also used for surface printing of medicinal foil.