Aluminum Foil Knowledge

- Nov 01, 2019-

The aluminum material of aluminum foil paper is widely used in life because of its light weight, good ductility and low price. The aluminum foil paper is a kitchen standing product. The aluminum foil paper has a bright surface and a matte surface. The matte surface absorbs heat and needs to be oriented toward the heat source. At the same time, the bright surface reflects the heat energy, and the ingredients are cooked in the bright side, so that the ingredients can be cooked quickly.


Remove stains


As long as the metal cookware can be wiped with aluminum foil paper that is smashed into balls. For example, the scorch of the barbecue grill or the oven that has baked the food can be used to knead the used aluminum foil into a ball.

Principle: The aluminum foil paper is formed into a spherical shape, and the surface has a lot of edges and corners to produce a scraping effect, which can be used to remove the stain of the pot.


Sharp scissors


If the scissors become dull, don't rush to throw them away, and use them to cut the aluminum foil to restore the sharpness of the scissors.

Principle: Just as the sharpening stone sharpens the kitchen knife, the scissors will produce friction while cutting the aluminum foil, and the scissors will become sharp.


Clay preservation


The paper clay, resinous soil, etc. that children play with can be wrapped in aluminum foil and stored.

Principle: Aluminum foil paper can prevent direct light, block the air, and extend the shelf life of the clay. It can be wrapped with the bright side facing inward or the matte side facing inside.

Silverware brightens

Add baking soda to the water and put it in aluminum foil with silverware to restore the blackening of the silverware. The shiny side can be wrapped inward and outward.

Principle: Aluminum and baking soda in aluminum foil will produce redox reaction, which will restore the surface of the silverware to black and fog.